I have just been lent a tiny Dell Netbook (thank you R) with Windoze on. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about Linux and specifically the operating system called Ubuntu. So I got my friend Andrew to take off Windoze and install a version of Linux called Ubuntu.

Now for anyone reading this that doesn’t know about Linux it is open source software. There are many many editions of Linux and one of them is called Ubuntu which has been specifically developed for the “end user” One of the progs on Ubuntu is called Drivel Journal Editor which is a prog to upload to a blog. So yes, you got the reason for this post…. I’m trying out Drivel (with ….. lol….. some would say… some Drivel!)

Seriously though, I like this little netbook. It is so portable and literally fits in my bag. It does browsing the Net as well as my MacBookPro, sends and receives my email and the best of all is that is runs Skype…… I can video and audio with anyone the same as I can on my bigger computer. Keyboard is a little small and fiddly!! But hey…. what an amazing little piece of kit!!

Photo on 2009-12-26 at 18.08