I have wanted an iPad since they have come on the market, and sillylike I decided to buy on just last month. And of course the new iPad 2 has come out since.

However, actually, despite there being a “better” version since buying this one, I am really really pleased with it.

Good points about it……

– It fits in my bag
– it is much easier to type on it both more accurately and quickly than on any device or computer that I have had before – ever!
– the screen gives a great “look” to everything
– there are some great apps for the iPad
………. Dragon Dictate – dictation software which ass long as you are connected to the Internet it works really well and is very accurate.
………. Flipboard – which is a news app for all your news – rss feed, facebook, the beeb, tech news – or any “news” that you would like to configure

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