My Journey – reflecting….

Following on from my last post about “Becoming a Quaker” I have started the online course, and I have several things to do – mainly reflection of why I want to commit to be a Quaker, who am I and what is my faith.

Where have you come from on your spiritual journey?

I don’t know how to answer this at the moment.

Most of my life I have believed in “God”, “the IS” or whatever name one calls it. However, I am currently having a crisis in my faith. I’m not sure what I believe in anymore. I feel that I am almost starting my search from scratch.

What treasures do you bring with you?

A questioning mind. A love of learning, a compassionate heart (i’m too flippin soft!), and a passion for equality, respect and truth.

What do you want to give up or leave behind from previous faith experiences?

What brings you to Quakers?
The Community of like minded people who hold similar values. And the belief to see that of God in EVERYTHING.

Short answers I know. Much thought though.