Finding Something to Blog About

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I really really wish that I could find something that I was passionate about to blog on a regular basis. On that I had the discipline to blog just about anything on a daily or even weekly basis. However, to date……ummmmm! Not good!

Ok, so today I found a new app for my iPad called Blogsy. It seems to be a very easy way to use an iPad to blog and to add pictures or videos to the blog. So I’m giving it a test run. Well at least it has given me something to blog about!!

Umm and adding pictures seems to have eluded me for the minute, but video might work!!


getting thoughts into words!

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When I first started writing this blog, I intended to use MacSpeech Dictate as my method of getting my thoughts down on paper–so to speak!

I found MacSpeech Dictate quite difficult to use, and although I persevered it became easier to actually type what I thought rather than use a voice recognition programme. I was very disappointed. As a dyslexic, I was thrilled with the idea of just being able to speak into my laptop. It was not as easy as that. And I gave up.

I have heard that Nuance – Dragon Dictate were buying MacSpeech Dictate, so although I was looking forward to trying it, I was already put off with the programme I had been using. I was also not impressed with the price that I have had to pay for both iListen and MacSpeech Dictate – a commercial price for beta software. Coupled with expensive upgrades, I was very fed up.

I long for the day, that I am easily able to put my thoughts into a format that people can take in easily, gets something out of and enjoy the process!

So, it was with utter delight, that I discovered Dragon Dictate for the iPhone. And, wonder upon wonder, it was free! Of course I downloaded it immediately. And it worked immediately. I did not need to train it, speak extensively into it, to read to it in any way. It just worked! I now had an easy way to transcribe my words to text.

It was of course, no surprise that an e-mail came from Dragon Dictate saying that they had taken over MacSpeech Dictate. Dragon Dictate has integrated their technology into the now new Dragon dictate for the Mac. And, guess what, another hefty price even from an upgrade–£39.99.

I wrote to the sales director who had written the correspondence to me (a mass e-mailing). And to date I have had no response. Even though I cheekily corresponded with him over Facebook as well!

It was with great reluctance but some excitement as I decided to bite the bullet once again and pay the price of yet another upgrade. I paid my money and started to download the new product. It was 1.2 gigs! And my time counter informed me that it would take 15 days to download! (I admit I am on a slow connection, but even so!)

The download actually only took 23 hours. I have never downloaded anything so big. And I was extremely worried that my connection would go down in the middle. However, when I woke this morning then it was ready to install in my applications folder.

What do I think? You tell me!

It will be fun finding out what else DD can do.

PS. I used DD to enter the text into this post too. I had to redo a few typos and wrongly understood words, but overall it worked well. 85% happy so far!!

Productive inside!!


Productive inside!! And I don’t mean I had a bad stomach!

I can build websites. But no one really knows that, because I haven’t advertised the fact before now really. So I have spent the day creating a poster to put in the local shops.

Alix can create websites!

What do you think?

I have put the contact details on small tear off slips at the bottom of this design (not shown in the photo)

Would you buy a web design from this poster?

All comments gratefully received!

Small World syndrome!!


Is the world about to fall into what I’m calling “small world syndrome”?

What do I mean? Well isn’t is amazing that now with the birth and development of the Internet and all the applications and ways of connecting how many people are meeting other people who they would NEVER have possibly meet before.

It is almost becoming common-place! When you ask the question: “Where did you meet?” More often than not, the reply is “Oh! on the Internet!”

And we do take this now as common place. But it is amazing!! Literally it is possible now to meet anyone in the world – as long as they have a gadget that connects to the internet and an internet connection.

If you are as old as me (54 at the time of writing) you will remember the beginnings of TV. Not everyone had it, but lots did and conversations would often turn to “what did you watch last night?” TV gave people who had it access to information that they otherwise would not have had so readily. Newspapers and libraries where the place to go for current information. TV opened up the world to the world. And for the first time it was possible to see what was happening in the rest of the world. This made the world smaller.

Small WorldIt took my ancestors nearly 5 months to get to the New World. I met my partner who lives in the US (I’m in the UK) in the space of a second, when she found me on iChat and had the cheek just to ring me!! We live 3333 miles away from each other yet we “see” each other everyday, sometimes for hours!!

So, why am I writing this post: well today I met someone new over the internet and as often happens we fell into conversation and spent ages just chatting to each other, finding out who each other was and what we had in common. (And btw she has just started a great blog about internet biz and you can find it here)

I’m stuck at just how incredible these connections are. No way would I have met the numerous amount of people who I have become friends with and very much bonded with, if it was not for the Net. Some over Skype, some on iChat, some on Facebook (yes that dreaded place that is the love or hate of nearly everyone on the Net at the moment!!) and some others on Forums of mutual interest.

Meeting people from other places has also expanded my physical horizons…. pre internet I hadn’t really travelled very much, and now I have travelled to the US, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf and Israel to actually meet people face to face. I’ve loved it!! Totally expanded my world.

Which brings me back to “Small World Syndrome” Where is this all going to go? Actually my personal opinion is that this is revolutionary stuff….. we are all getting to know more about each other, we are meeting people from different countries, we are mingling in different cultures… we are all getting to know each other much more. And I KNOW like I know that I know (lol) that as we learn about each other and our different cultures we will find that behind the “mask” of country identity ie I’m British, I’m American, I’m Polish, I’m Arab, Irish etc and the seeming culture, political and religious differences that there are, guess what,………… behind the labels ………. is a LOVELY HUMAN BEING!

So, to you, the lovely human being who is reading this, whoever you are, wherever you are from, I wish you the very very best in your life.

oh and btw…. if you have the inclination… leave me a comment and tell me what you think!!

I know a blog can be about anything….. but..?

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Do you prefer reading blogs that keep to the same subject? Or do you prefer reading blogs that can be about almost anything?

Why I’m asking is I really can’t make up my mind whether to do something specific with this blog….. like focus on a subject that I’m interested in, or whether to just make it more like a diary/journal and just ramble (which is what I have actually done so far lol)

All answers on a postcard please, sent with an interesting stamp….. no I’m just kidding, but I would be interested in your thoughts.

Investing for the future

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Well it beats Farmville for at least having some value. (Well maybe!!)

I’ve been playing Empire Avenue for a day now and it is good fun. But then I like working things out and seeing what they can do.

This one is about buying and selling shares with other people in Empire Avenue. It works just like the real stock market with tickers, dividends, confidence and more!!

Empire Ave - Screenshot

Be great to see you there as an investor! My stocks are called “manna” So if you start playing, please think about buying some of my shares. I’ll return the favour!

Have fun!!

Just another old woman – dead now.

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She was my Mum. And now she is dead.

She was doing fine, except for a little bit of bleeding from her “nether-end”

Her last wish was to come and live with me. We were on course to do that. She was 95 when she died. She could have died anytime, from any number of complaints she had.

Except she didn’t just die anytime….. she was admitted to a larger hospital for a routine investigation. The hospital took 3 days to get around to the test and then another 4 days to get her back to the little cottage hospital.

Over that week, the ward that she was on……. and I know this sounds incredible……. they did not feed her, they did not give her water, they used the wrong plasters and bandages on her to the extent that every time they removed the bandages they ripped new gashes in her skin. Her arms, legs and backside were ripped to shreds. When I finally got her back to the cottage hospital, the nurses there were shocked at how she was. How cut, bruised, dehydrated and undernourished she was. They took photos of her wounds, made her very comfortable with a duvet and many pillows and fed her chicken soup via a syringe. She died 12 hours later.

She was 95. An old lady can’t take this amount of neglect. Despite the fact I was in the hospital I was unable to make any difference. The nurses made out that Mum had dementia. She had not and for instance they told me she was being fed when she was assuring me that they had offered her nothing. I watched my Mother die from neglect in a British hospital over that week.

And this was a large English hospital. This was our wonderful NHS. At the very least we expect to be fed, watered, kept warm and cared for in our hospitals. They left my mother to die and they actively hastened her death. Why – she was an old woman and she was not worth bothering with.

SHE WAS A HUMAN BEING. She had a right to life and a decent last few months of life. This hospital not only abused her but they also robbed her of her life.

And she was MY MUM.

Mum.... waiting to come home

I am going to start a campaign. Not sure how yet or actually what specifically about this I will focus on…… but I am DAMNED if I’m not going to do something about this!! This hospital killed my Mum.

I’ll write more later, but for now if this touches you and you would like to contact me or even help with the campaign, please get in touch.

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