She was my Mum. And now she is dead.

She was doing fine, except for a little bit of bleeding from her “nether-end”

Her last wish was to come and live with me. We were on course to do that. She was 95 when she died. She could have died anytime, from any number of complaints she had.

Except she didn’t just die anytime….. she was admitted to a larger hospital for a routine investigation. The hospital took 3 days to get around to the test and then another 4 days to get her back to the little cottage hospital.

Over that week, the ward that she was on……. and I know this sounds incredible……. they did not feed her, they did not give her water, they used the wrong plasters and bandages on her to the extent that every time they removed the bandages they ripped new gashes in her skin. Her arms, legs and backside were ripped to shreds. When I finally got her back to the cottage hospital, the nurses there were shocked at how she was. How cut, bruised, dehydrated and undernourished she was. They took photos of her wounds, made her very comfortable with a duvet and many pillows and fed her chicken soup via a syringe. She died 12 hours later.

She was 95. An old lady can’t take this amount of neglect. Despite the fact I was in the hospital I was unable to make any difference. The nurses made out that Mum had dementia. She had not and for instance they told me she was being fed when she was assuring me that they had offered her nothing. I watched my Mother die from neglect in a British hospital over that week.

And this was a large English hospital. This was our wonderful NHS. At the very least we expect to be fed, watered, kept warm and cared for in our hospitals. They left my mother to die and they actively hastened her death. Why – she was an old woman and she was not worth bothering with.

SHE WAS A HUMAN BEING. She had a right to life and a decent last few months of life. This hospital not only abused her but they also robbed her of her life.

And she was MY MUM.

Mum.... waiting to come home

I am going to start a campaign. Not sure how yet or actually what specifically about this I will focus on…… but I am DAMNED if I’m not going to do something about this!! This hospital killed my Mum.

I’ll write more later, but for now if this touches you and you would like to contact me or even help with the campaign, please get in touch.