Investing for the future

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Well it beats Farmville for at least having some value. (Well maybe!!)

I’ve been playing Empire Avenue for a day now and it is good fun. But then I like working things out and seeing what they can do.

This one is about buying and selling shares with other people in Empire Avenue. It works just like the real stock market with tickers, dividends, confidence and more!!

Empire Ave - Screenshot

Be great to see you there as an investor! My stocks are called “manna” So if you start playing, please think about buying some of my shares. I’ll return the favour!

Have fun!!


On a much lighter note…….. Empire Avenue

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On a very much lighter note than my last post, I have come across (thanks to a friend’s post in Facebook) an interesting social media phenomena which I think is very interesting. It is called Empire Avenue.

This is an extract taken from Mashable’s write up about it

Empire Avenue

Genius Idea: Empire Avenue is a virtual online influence stock exchange game that uses people or websites as sticker symbols. Yes, that means you can buy and sell shares in your friends and they can buy and sell shares in you!

Remember the virtual online stock exchange games from the Internet 1.0 boom and stuff like the Hollywood Stock Exchange? Empire Avenue is based upon a similar idea, but it focuses on the degree of online influence of individuals or organizations. Stock price is determined by reach, activity and engagement levels across Twitter, Facebook, blogs and more.

While right now Empire Avenue is just a game, complete with award badges and virtual currency bonuses for doing certain tasks, in the future the goal is to connect advertisers and brands to influencers.

At that point, influencers can then choose whether or not they want to promote or carry advertising for a brand or product, and in turn receive a portion of the advertising revenue.

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