Finding Something to Blog About

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I really really wish that I could find something that I was passionate about to blog on a regular basis. On that I had the discipline to blog just about anything on a daily or even weekly basis. However, to date……ummmmm! Not good!

Ok, so today I found a new app for my iPad called Blogsy. It seems to be a very easy way to use an iPad to blog and to add pictures or videos to the blog. So I’m giving it a test run. Well at least it has given me something to blog about!!

Umm and adding pictures seems to have eluded me for the minute, but video might work!!


New Theme for my Blog


I have just changed the theme of this blog.

I’m not sure if I like it yet. I think it is beautiful….. but for a Blog?

What do you think?

Would really appreciate your comments please.

Thanks in advance

Garden in the rain

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It is absolutely pouring down with rain today and the wind is blowing really strong. The type of wind that sends people and animals batty!! Look at the horizon in the photo!! Yuk!!

So, Im abandoning doing the garden today and waiting until it is fine again. (Up here in the Pennines that might be a long wait!!)

It is easy to imagine that I am in Wuthering Heights with the sound of the rain and wind. I wonder if Heathcliff will come knocking!!

I did go out to feed the chickens though. They were very pleased and cluck clucked all over the place. Found 3 eggs today too!! Do you want one? Fried or boiled?

Dating back to William the Conk

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If you don’t know English history, then William the Conqueror will not be significant to you, but to any English school-child history starts with William the Conk!! He was the last person who invaded England and kids are taught about him as a starting point to English history.

So why am I mentioning him…… well he was around in 1066 – about 1000 years ago, give or take a couple of decades!!

Take a look down my blog and you will find a picture of a ceiling. My ceiling at my new house. The beams in the ceiling date back to the 11th century!! Which is amazing. They are probably 900 years old!

So what’s the story……….

Well, the house was originally built in the 16th century (I will find more exact dates as I do my research) and the beams for the house and barn came from a decommissioned navy ship. Goodness knows where the ship sailed to in it’s life time, possibly the New World or the spice route – who knows. Anyway, when the ship was decommissioned the “scrap” wood was carried up here into the Pennines and became the basis of the beams and wood that was used for alot of the houses.

Now, those ships were made from 300 year old oak. They were probably in commission for 50 or so years, maybe more. So do the maths……… I reckon that my ceiling beams date back to William the Conk!!

More to come…….!!

Moving House

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Hi All

Haven’t been able to blog today as I have been moving house. It rained and rained and rained all day so we moved everything in the wet! It was fit only for ducks, not removals!!

It is the MOST beautiful house that I am moving too. Pictures will come soon!

Here is one of the ceiling to tantalise you!! The beams probably date back to the 16th century. Which of course, if they were 300 year old oak when the house was built, then the wood dates back to 10th or the 11th century.

be back tomorrow

I know a blog can be about anything….. but..?

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Do you prefer reading blogs that keep to the same subject? Or do you prefer reading blogs that can be about almost anything?

Why I’m asking is I really can’t make up my mind whether to do something specific with this blog….. like focus on a subject that I’m interested in, or whether to just make it more like a diary/journal and just ramble (which is what I have actually done so far lol)

All answers on a postcard please, sent with an interesting stamp….. no I’m just kidding, but I would be interested in your thoughts.

Netbooks, Ubuntu and my Blog

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I have just been lent a tiny Dell Netbook (thank you R) with Windoze on. So I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about Linux and specifically the operating system called Ubuntu. So I got my friend Andrew to take off Windoze and install a version of Linux called Ubuntu.

Now for anyone reading this that doesn’t know about Linux it is open source software. There are many many editions of Linux and one of them is called Ubuntu which has been specifically developed for the “end user” One of the progs on Ubuntu is called Drivel Journal Editor which is a prog to upload to a blog. So yes, you got the reason for this post…. I’m trying out Drivel (with ….. lol….. some would say… some Drivel!)

Seriously though, I like this little netbook. It is so portable and literally fits in my bag. It does browsing the Net as well as my MacBookPro, sends and receives my email and the best of all is that is runs Skype…… I can video and audio with anyone the same as I can on my bigger computer. Keyboard is a little small and fiddly!! But hey…. what an amazing little piece of kit!!

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