Beta Testers Needed!

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Well my web design posters are starting to work and I have a couple of websites to build. Yippee!! I am really pleased. I do enjoy web design and creating stuff on my Apple Mac.

However, nothing works in isolation. Uh? What do I mean?!!

I need a couple of people to comment and test my sites to make sure they work properly ie all the links go to the correct locations, that it looks good, and that things generally work. Oh and of course proof reading them. As a dyslexic, I often miss the blatantly obvious!!

I need you!!

I need you!!

If you are interested in helping me, it will only take a couple of minutes of your time and I would really appreciate it.

Please contact me via the comments box or via personal message. Im looking forward to playing with you!!


Productive inside!!


Productive inside!! And I don’t mean I had a bad stomach!

I can build websites. But no one really knows that, because I haven’t advertised the fact¬†before¬†now really. So I have spent the day creating a poster to put in the local shops.

Alix can create websites!

What do you think?

I have put the contact details on small tear off slips at the bottom of this design (not shown in the photo)

Would you buy a web design from this poster?

All comments gratefully received!


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5 MinTips – What do you know and could share in 5 mins?

I’ve started another blog called 5MinTips.

I’m making and collecting 5 min tips on all sorts of subjects. My personal expertise is in NLP, Apple Macs and the Web so I am creating tips about these.

What are you an expert in? I want your 5 min tip. What could you tell other people about that would be useful for them to know.

It doesn’t matter if these is a tip about removing stains from clothes or making an antennae to extend the range of your wireless network. What do you know how to do that you could share with others? Get in contact with me and lets put it up as a 5 min tip!! (And if you are not great with putting a video or a post together, I’ll help you!!)


Check out the Blog here

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