Living in Alston


It’s been over a year since I decided to come back to Alston to live. And I have no regrets that I decided to come.

I love this place. I love the community here, the nearness of the town, the oldness of the buildings and cobbles and the sense of just being home.

I was worried about coming back as far as the weather is concerned, but so far this year it has been great. We had loads of snow around last Christmas and then since then it has really been quite ok. We have even had days of sun and it’s only April!

Interestingly though, I think that we have had good weather, because one of the assets to the current house I am living in is that it has a sunroom. And it is a well placed sunroom. It gets the sun from early morning to late afternoon. And even if it is windy and a little drizzly, the sunroom warms up quickly and is a lovely place to work on my computer.

I have just planted a tomato plant in here, and basil, parsley and coriander. I hope my gardening skills are up to it.

Location:Alston, Cumbria


New iPad

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I have wanted an iPad since they have come on the market, and sillylike I decided to buy on just last month. And of course the new iPad 2 has come out since.

However, actually, despite there being a “better” version since buying this one, I am really really pleased with it.

Good points about it……

– It fits in my bag
– it is much easier to type on it both more accurately and quickly than on any device or computer that I have had before – ever!
– the screen gives a great “look” to everything
– there are some great apps for the iPad
………. Dragon Dictate – dictation software which ass long as you are connected to the Internet it works really well and is very accurate.
………. Flipboard – which is a news app for all your news – rss feed, facebook, the beeb, tech news – or any “news” that you would like to configure

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getting thoughts into words!

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When I first started writing this blog, I intended to use MacSpeech Dictate as my method of getting my thoughts down on paper–so to speak!

I found MacSpeech Dictate quite difficult to use, and although I persevered it became easier to actually type what I thought rather than use a voice recognition programme. I was very disappointed. As a dyslexic, I was thrilled with the idea of just being able to speak into my laptop. It was not as easy as that. And I gave up.

I have heard that Nuance – Dragon Dictate were buying MacSpeech Dictate, so although I was looking forward to trying it, I was already put off with the programme I had been using. I was also not impressed with the price that I have had to pay for both iListen and MacSpeech Dictate – a commercial price for beta software. Coupled with expensive upgrades, I was very fed up.

I long for the day, that I am easily able to put my thoughts into a format that people can take in easily, gets something out of and enjoy the process!

So, it was with utter delight, that I discovered Dragon Dictate for the iPhone. And, wonder upon wonder, it was free! Of course I downloaded it immediately. And it worked immediately. I did not need to train it, speak extensively into it, to read to it in any way. It just worked! I now had an easy way to transcribe my words to text.

It was of course, no surprise that an e-mail came from Dragon Dictate saying that they had taken over MacSpeech Dictate. Dragon Dictate has integrated their technology into the now new Dragon dictate for the Mac. And, guess what, another hefty price even from an upgrade–£39.99.

I wrote to the sales director who had written the correspondence to me (a mass e-mailing). And to date I have had no response. Even though I cheekily corresponded with him over Facebook as well!

It was with great reluctance but some excitement as I decided to bite the bullet once again and pay the price of yet another upgrade. I paid my money and started to download the new product. It was 1.2 gigs! And my time counter informed me that it would take 15 days to download! (I admit I am on a slow connection, but even so!)

The download actually only took 23 hours. I have never downloaded anything so big. And I was extremely worried that my connection would go down in the middle. However, when I woke this morning then it was ready to install in my applications folder.

What do I think? You tell me!

It will be fun finding out what else DD can do.

PS. I used DD to enter the text into this post too. I had to redo a few typos and wrongly understood words, but overall it worked well. 85% happy so far!!

Well I laughed and laughed and laughed!!

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I really couldn’t resist putting this up!!.

Enjoy!! And practice!!

Beta Testers Needed!

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Well my web design posters are starting to work and I have a couple of websites to build. Yippee!! I am really pleased. I do enjoy web design and creating stuff on my Apple Mac.

However, nothing works in isolation. Uh? What do I mean?!!

I need a couple of people to comment and test my sites to make sure they work properly ie all the links go to the correct locations, that it looks good, and that things generally work. Oh and of course proof reading them. As a dyslexic, I often miss the blatantly obvious!!

I need you!!

I need you!!

If you are interested in helping me, it will only take a couple of minutes of your time and I would really appreciate it.

Please contact me via the comments box or via personal message. Im looking forward to playing with you!!

New Theme for my Blog


I have just changed the theme of this blog.

I’m not sure if I like it yet. I think it is beautiful….. but for a Blog?

What do you think?

Would really appreciate your comments please.

Thanks in advance

Productive inside!!


Productive inside!! And I don’t mean I had a bad stomach!

I can build websites. But no one really knows that, because I haven’t advertised the fact before now really. So I have spent the day creating a poster to put in the local shops.

Alix can create websites!

What do you think?

I have put the contact details on small tear off slips at the bottom of this design (not shown in the photo)

Would you buy a web design from this poster?

All comments gratefully received!

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