Having started writing this blog about Alston Moor, I went scouting around the internet to see what information, pictures or videos I could find and I came across the “header” above. It is a panoramic view of Hartside – the place that you can see for miles and miles.

The site that I found the picture on had several really beautiful photos. The site is entitled John’s Pics. But I couldn’t find a “John” to ask if I could use his picture. So I guessed at his possible address and I’ve emailed him to ask permission and to tell him how beautiful his photography is! Update: I got the correct address and John has very kindly said I can use his pictures here on my blog. His site can be found here

The River Nent

There's silver up that river!!

Both the header and the picture above are copyright to as yet an unknown John!

Alston Moor really was a wild place when I went there in the late 70’s. From the moment I came over Hartside I knew that it was somewhere in the world that I wanted to live and that going back to city living was something that I would never do again.

Of course, back then mobile phones were not the accessory that they are now. Making the journey to Hexham in the North East, Penrith in the South, Carlisle – North West or Durham to the East (the 4 nearest towns) was not to be taken lightly, either because of the weather or that maybe the old banger cars that we used to drive might very well not get there. Paying attention to how far back or forward the nearest phone box was, was really important. There were many times that I broke down on one of these roads and had to walk several miles to get help. Or indeed the time that I was driving up Hartside in a blizzard and fortunately I noticed the snow plough at the top, flashed my lights at him and he came down to get me, clearing the way as he came! A night in the car would not have been pleasant!

This is not the actual incident, but it might well have been. more soon!!