So now to the garden!!

I know nothing about gardens and I want to make the garden of my home beautiful!! As I can see it has been!

I have started to clear some of the undergrowth and I have discovered that this garden has obviously at one time been very loved. (I guess that’s not surprising when you think there must have been a garden here since the 16th century)

I want to plant thyme in between the cracks of the flags. I do wonder how many people over the years have walked on these or pulled the weeds out from in between these huge flags.

However, although the garden has been loved – and it really is obvious – it has not been tended for some years and there is a lot of undergrowth and vegetation that has just grown up and taken over.

So my question is…. how do I tell what are weeds and what are flowers and plants? I really don’t want to inadvertently remove something that will at some point be really beautiful. like today, I started digging out some plant that I knew to be a weed and then turned over a whole load of bulbs. I hastily covered then up again, not having a clue what they are.

And then there is compost!! How to make it? Where to place it? What to put in it in what proportions? Oh it is all to learn!!

I’m content though!! I love being here and doing this garden. Never thought I would like gardening. In fact I didn’t like it!! Maybe it’s my age!! lol